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Salut! I’m Lara and five years ago, I sold my cafe in NZ and wound up the catering business too, ( not in that exact order) and left NZ via NYC where I was flown to cook a vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner for 30. Following that, and quite a few handmade foodie Christmas gift boxes later, I arrived in Antibes, in the South of France and landed my first job on a yacht in the super yacht industry.


Thankfully, my first job attempting Kosher cooking (twin crockery sets!)- didn’t work out and a  bit of a long story.  This in turn led me to my current job which I love, working for  people who are wonderfully appreciative, very reasonable, not concerned about budgets and very hung up on great, healthy food and who eat more fruit than I could ever imagine a family could per day per kilo. In fact, I should keep a record, just to document my amazement!



I get to live in the South of France mostly, travel the Med, shop in the most amazing markets, be constantly challenged when provisioning whilst “in the Middle of somewhere, near nowhere but beside that bigger Island we just passed” – and I have the freedom to create almost anything I like.

Thanks for showing an interest in food, travel and life experiences – all things of which I can’t live without and am extremely grateful to be in a position to appreciate and constantly learn from.



7 Responses to about me

  1. wow lucky you! where in the south of france…i often go in the summers to nice and do day trips all around!!!! am so jealous!! haha

    • she cooks says:

      Hey! sorry for the delay – been working like a crazy thing this past week – days off to come soon yay, so can add to my blog! I am in Antibes, about 20 mins from Nice, between Nice and Cannes pretty much…have you been here? Eze is a cool village near Monaco – have you made it there before?

  2. Charlie says:

    Yum! How good does that asparagus summer salad look…

  3. alliblair says:

    Hi there, I have nominated you for a Pirate’s Admiration Award! Click the link and see:


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