Ten Thai dishes, day 2.


What an experience! I AM LOVING IT. A few recipes will follow I promise, but for now here’s a peak at what yesterday was.



How to make coconut milk, cream, oil.

Homemade Massaman Curry Paste

Massaman Curry with Chicken

Steamed whole chicken with mixed Thai herbs

Duck Noodle Soup

Marinated chicken in Pandan Leaves

Suffed Calamari Soup

BBQ King Prawn Spicy Salad

Fried Rice w/ Shrimp Paste

Pandan Pudding w/ Coconut Milk



We are three in a four people maximum course. I am learning some great techniques, consolidating my previous knowledge with authentic approaches, and Chef Roongfa’s extensive knowledge.

BALANCE is the key it would seem, in Thai Cuisine.

The days are pretty full on, yesterday was 9 hours but Roongfa knows her stuff and keeps it rolling at a good, efficient pace. This cooking school and its systems are a well- oiled machine.

There are smiling Thai assisting apprentices bustling about everywhere, clearing every bowl you empty, taking away the finished-with wok, plonking down trays filled with perfectly measured ingredients for your next dish. That part I like very much! Wondering how I can convince my boss that I would flourish under such assistance daily in MY work!



And they do all the dishes.

And top up your green tea.

And provide a perfectly cool cloth when the juice from the chilli your are pounding shoots up into your eye.

And bring you a cold beer at the end of the day when you sit down to sample everything you’ve created.



(PS. If any word press gurus out there that can explain WHY the edit post is perfect as I set it up, yet changes to its own random configuration when looking at the preview option before publishing….? I would be eternally grateful! It looks fine in edit, then goes all over the show when I publish – words move in between photos, paragraphs not placed where I had them…… Cheers.)

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4 Responses to Ten Thai dishes, day 2.

  1. Shani says:

    You is a happy Larz, look at you! So thankful to get your recipes and that you are smiling so wide. Loves xox

  2. jake woods says:

    Share the love larsie.
    Authentic thai recipies please

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