My reflections on Thailand so far…

IMG_1210This is a wonderful country. I can’t believe I’ve not been here before, really. I guess I’ve meandered around this globe quite well, but regrettably less of Asia as a whole and this time here in Thailand has been quite blissful indeed.

I think it’s lit a whole new travelling fire- bug situation!

    Waiting for the first Pina Colada!




I’m not here for months doing extensive tripping about (sadly) or intensive yoga retreats or elephant treks up north – just nothing more than a few weeks off before heading back to work.  I have been fortunate enough to time it with a week of chilling with one of my besties who has been here many a time,  (HELPFUL) and super fun.








I especially loved our night stumbles along the waters edge laughing at our own senseless jokes and zoning out having wonderful super cheap massages side by side. All that is now to be followed by 5 ½ days of detox fasting at The Sanctuary in Koh Phangan, and then wrapping up my trip with a wonderful sounding culinary 6-day course for foodies and chefs at SITCA Culinary School in Samui.




I am day three into my detox. Little bit hungry. Or I THINK I’m hungry. Or something. But much less hungry than day 1.  Revelling in feeling light!

Last week was days rolling into nights rolling into a rhythm that I felt so grateful to be in a position to indulge in.  Now it’s about a different kind of self-care.

The thing about Thailand I guess that grabs and pulls people here time and time again is that it seems to offer everything you imagine a tropically located holiday should. While many similar places may have the location, they may not have such great food, or be so cheap, or be blessed with such joyful locals or perhaps the wildlife is more of a concern. Thailand seems to encapsulate it all.

Here, the people just smile all the time. The tropical landscape and jungles are lush and teeming with wonderful, bizarre sounding birds and bugs and goodness knows what else.  Strangled cat -sounding creatures around dawn – which I am, as yet, to find out what it is.


Am no longer clutching my pearls in fright every time a large sized tree berry or coconut lands on my bungalow in the night with a resounding THUNK before rolling off into the jungle.

There are hammocks a plenty.  Travelling about seems pretty effortless. The water has been wonderful in the places I’ve visited, the phosphorescence at night!

Of course last but not least, there is the amazing Thai cuisine. Last week my friend and I shared some of the most delicious Thai food I’ve ever had. I’m quite in love with Papaya Salad ( Som Tam)  and could eat Tom Yum soup everyday.


Had the most amazing fish with lemon, chilli and coriander (Pla Kapong Neung Manao).  Some of the curries and flavours make you stand up and want to dance they are so good.

The execution of perfect flavour combinations. The freshness, the sour against the salty and the sweet. Most definitely my kind of food.

Pretty soon I’m going be learning all the more authentic approaches to 60 dishes!! YUUUUM!

But for now I am letting go of my attachment to food, sugar, coffee, booze and embracing my self -care spring clean thing that I do most every year. Some of my mates think I’m insane, but I love it. I love feeling lighter, having brighter eyes and skin, enjoy having so much extra time to read and doze and not be thinking about what I’m going to eat or prepare next.


Not to mention all the additional pampering in the Spa, herbal steams, Yoga, Pilates and a gazillion other bodywork sessions and varied forms of healing on offer. I highly recommend this experience to be added to ones bucket list.


Here I hammock, practising being and enjoying quietness. And the best part is at the end, when my taste buds (and all my other senses) are SERIOUSLY heightened, I get to cook and taste 10 Thai dishes a day for six days. OH YEAH.

Lucky me.


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12 Responses to My reflections on Thailand so far…

  1. Chrisitine Paul says:

    All sounds fabulous! You’re obviously seeing, doing, enjoying a bit of everything that Thailand has to offer!

  2. I love Samui.. I have a small place there and you have encapsulated all the best things parts of Thailand have to offer to tourists.. I also used to go detox (not an official detox) but one I imposed on myself, and I would allow myself one v light meal a day.. it was such a stress free existence not having to decide what to eat each night you know..I knew I was going to have some sort of grilled fish with a salad and that was that. That’s why I actually say being vegan is actually much easier than non-vegans think it is, because you actually do not have to make so many choices each day, and so the stress is far less. Enjoy the rest of your stay.. jealous.. must plan a trip for some massages and nail art!

  3. Reblogged this on Gulliver's Travels and commented:
    Another one succumbs to the beauty of Samui and Thailand..

    • she cooks says:

      Hey Melanie – you summed it up perfectly too for sure! And as a chef in the SOF, I especially love the time doing this when I REALLY don’t have to think about food, shopping, carrying shopping, provisioning for boats, menus, not to mention all the creating! ( and the clean up!) Im on day 4, two days to go, and that fish vege meal you mentioned was in my dreams last night! sigh….When you come back to Samui, check out the Sanctuary on Phangan – at Haad Tien – if you haven’t already or if ever you want to be in a place where the pampering is all on hand! Had a papaya body wrap and pedi yesterday, after yoga…and before Tarot! now that was interesting! Where in the SOF are you based? 🙂

  4. This is wonderful, so is Langkawi, in Malaysia 🙂

  5. kate says:

    Sounds utterly devine. Enjoy x

  6. Rog says:

    Wonderful!!! Glad your having such a cool time and feeling lite 🙂
    Simply, i’m inspired.

  7. serena says:

    sounds amazing and photos are fabulous x

  8. Lady G says:

    so beautifully written xx

  9. Danielle says:

    Oh yeah Baby!
    I’m feelin it. You will be into your cooking now? Bangkok is stinky hot but brilliant too. Talk soon x

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