Layered Tuna Sashimi with Crab,Prawn,Cos,Coriander & Lime

A light, refreshing entrée.

Super quick to prepare and great for hot, hot days. Serves 6

You need:

18 sashimi quality small slices of fresh tuna ( 3 per portion)

1 large super fresh cos lettuce

300 grams small – med prawns – tend to be sweeter to taste – shelled and chopped

250 grams of shredded king crab

lime juice of 2 limes

zest of 1 lime

half a bunch of chopped coriander

pink peppercorns – 1 tsp, roughly ground optional

200 grams of edamame soy beans, de-podded

Japanese mayo preferably or Yum yum sauce as its known or any good mayonnaise – 1 T (optional)

Himalayan sea salt

In advance:

You can prepare the prawns, crab and mayo mix with peppercorns and salt and very finely julienne the cos lettuce but don’t mix with the seafood until the last minute before you assemble as you want the lettuce crunch to contrast with the softness of the sashimi.  Add the coriander, lime and juice also just before you assemble as you don’t want bitterness, and the fresh soy beans. ( Edamame)

As this is layered like a mini lasagna in look, you need 3 slices of tuna per portion.  As I was doing for 6, I laid out six tuna slices on a very clean flat plate.

Put the prepared seafood in one bowl, add the julienned cos, lime juice, mayo, coriander and pink peppercorns and most of the edamame – keep 18 edamame beans aside for plate garnish.

Toss well yet gently and season to taste with Himalayan salt.

Place a good spoonful of the mix on top of the first tuna layer so it’s about a cm thick.  Place another tuna layer and then the seafood lettuce mix again finishing with tuna on the top. Chill for 30 mins covered in cling film before serving.

To serve I used white plates, and simple garnish of lemon wedge, coriander and edamame beans.  I added at the last minute a dash of caramelised leek that I had hanging about – there are tons of garnishing options of course. If you want this to be egg/ mayo free, use a light avocado oil or lemon olive oil and omit the mayo.

NOTE: Next time I would allow myself more time to plate up –  so that I could get a “flatter” layer all in all, and forgive the photos – they were taking in a flash pre dinner service on board! The assembling took me about ten – 15  minutes!

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One Response to Layered Tuna Sashimi with Crab,Prawn,Cos,Coriander & Lime

  1. Kate says:

    Yum, my favourite seafoods in one hit!

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