Gorgeous Summer berry jelly dessert – Antioxidants ON!

Hello Berries Lovers!

My boss and family love this desert – it is by far their favourite and thus I have perfected it over time. It’s super pretty, healthy, no fat whatsoever, and full of antioxidants and a bottle of Rose’! Une combinaison fantastique!

A lovely Christmas time dessert if you are southern hemispherions…..

Serves 8-10.

( Adapted  from Delia Smith)

Prepare a day in advance of eating, it needs to set overnight.

You need:

Two punnets each of:




One punnet each of:

Small strawberries

Red currants

1 bottle of Rose or Sparkling Rose

( If you prefer for kids indulgence, to stay away from alcohol factor, I use also sparkling strawberry or grape juice instead of the Rose.)

1 1/2 sachets of gelatin granules or agar agar ( vegetarian gelatin)

½ c  sugar – I use raw cane

To do:

Heat the bottle of rose with the sugar at a  low boil to burn off the alcohol and dissolve the sugar. 5 mins. Add the gelatin or agar agar sachet and immediately whisk well through the heated liquid until completely dissolved.

Set aside to cool.

Carefully prepare berries. Take the currants off their stems. Place all berries except raspberries in a colander, mix gently and wash.


I always keep raspberries separate in this process so they don’t bruise against the other fruits. Depending on the size of your strawberries, IF they are larger, cut in half, (trim off stems), and add to the berries . If you have small strawberries, keep those for placing on the bottom of your jelly mould or dish as they look the prettiest when it’s turned out.

You can either do small individual jellies in a solid glass ( whiskey or short water glass ) I generally do one big large jelly as it’s got more wow factor.

In your chosen bowl or baking loaf tin – place berries on the bottom how you arrange them here is what you most see on the top of your turned out jelly so its worth a few mins to put the pretty small strawberries and an even mix of others with raspberries sprinkled around then layer all the berries into the bowl or tin until they are all in!

You need two inches at least of space between the surface of berries and the rim of your bowl.

Pour the cooled rose liquid over the berries which should just cover the berries in total.

I sometimes press the berries down a  bit and then cover the berries  with cling film touching them entirely, like you are pressing out all the air and then cover  out over the edge of the bowl as well.  ( Like you do to cover guacamole so as to reduce the discolouring of the avos!)

If you have a second bowl or tin the same size place it on top of the cling film and berries as it weights down the jelly. If not, place two or three tins of any tinned food.

Place in fridge overnight.

To serve:

Have a nice simple flat plate bigger than the size of your jelly, clean dry and ready – white or black looks the best I think.

Fill the sink with hot water ALMOST to the height of your jelly bowl.

Place the bowl in the sink of hot water for a minute or so, give the bowl a jiggle to see if the jelly has loosened away from the sides of the bowl a bit. (If its being very stubborn, you can use a thin bendy spatula to run around the edge of the jelly and bowl, but I do this as a last resort, as its easy to damage the jelly perfection, and normally it’s not necessary!)

Take the bowl out if the hot water, dry it quickly, place the plate face down on the jelly bowl and FLIP the bowl and plate upside down so that the plate is flat and the bowl is now upside down. In a perfect world, the jelly will drop onto the plate and VOILA!

(If it’s not left the bowl, and doesn’t come out onto the plate easily with a jiggle of the bowl, it just needs a bit more time in the hot water.)

I serve this as is – of course  – most excellent with a bottle of bubbles or Sparkling Rose!

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7 Responses to Gorgeous Summer berry jelly dessert – Antioxidants ON!

  1. Chrisitine Paul says:

    Yes I remember hearing about this one! Will try it on my next guests. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Waveney Reta says:

    Stunning!! love, mum

  3. Zona says:

    Lars that looks AMAZING!! Want one now! xx

  4. PushDumpFatButton says:

    Reblogged this on Push Dump Fat Button.

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