Scrummy, light thai prawn salad

Poached prawn, lime, chilli, coriander and cucumber salad


Serves 6.

You need:

1 or 2 langoustine or tiger prawns* per plated portion (6 or 12)

(I used one, halved, in this recipe to keep portions small)

2 baby Lebanese cucumbers  – shaved in long strips – discard the seeded centres

Fresh baby mesculan , rocket or baby herb green salad

1 red chilli very finely diced (optional)

2 limes – zest and juice

Generous slosh of mint flavoured olive oil

½ c fresh fish or veggie stock or water

2 T fish sauce* (optional)

1 heaped T palm sugar – grated

1 T light soy sauce or tamari sauce

1 T mirin sauce

S & P – fresh ground

Good handful of finely chopped coriander (or mint if you prefer)

To do:

In a small sauce pan, simmer the stock or water, add fish sauce, soy, mirin and palm sugar – reduce gently till sugar is dissolved and sauce has thickened a little.

Leave to cool.

Put a pot of water on to boil, half fill with water.

Prepare the salad, Wash set aside

Dice the chilli –(These days, I wear fitted gloves when anywhere near chillies as rubbing eyes after handling chillies  = OW!)…. Set aside.

Zest and juice the limes – set aside

Finely chop the fresh herbs.

Using a potato peeler, shave around the cucumber in long strips then discard the seeded soft centre.

Combine the cucumber,  in a bowl with olive oil, chilli, lime juice, and season.

Steam or boil the prawns in water for 5 -7 mins. Drain, run under cold water and peel the shells off the prawns.

If you are using langoustine, as the shells are much tougher, I generally chop them in half and then take out the flesh that way.

Toss the prawns in the reduced sauce and add the coriander.

To plate, place a small heap of salad in the centre of the plate, top with a mound of the dressed cucumber and place two (or four) halved prawns or langoustines on top. Drizzle with any remaining sauce. Garnish with sliced radish and lime zest around mint oil drizzle.


Re photo – I omitted chilli this particular day due to guest requirements.

With the seafood, Feel free to keep them in their shells as well, again I vary this too for presentational purposes.

This recipe works well with rare beef instead of seafood, just use a veggie stock for the sauce instead of a fish stock, and lots of fresh mint is MINT with the beef option!

If you want to make it vegetarian, its lovely with avocado wedges instead of the prawns, lightly fried in Thai spices, or just dried coriander a bit of sesame oil coating the avo before you fry it, and then tossed in the Thai  sauce – but omit the fish sauce from it of course. If you aren’t a fan of avocado, seared tofu with the Thai sauce would also be yum.

Enjoy! 🙂

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3 Responses to Scrummy, light thai prawn salad

  1. That’s so stunning!

    • piha44 says:

      Hi there Frugal Feeding, love your blog! Thanks for your comment and I couldn’t agree more about the broccoli vs asparagus points you made! I’m lucky enough to be buying that new season purple sprouting broccoli fresh daily in my local French farmers market. yUM! In fact I might have to put up a recipe. 🙂

  2. amy says:

    yum, bring on the hot weather so we can whip this up…or so John can whip this up…well one of us will give it a good go!

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