Why I love the South of France…..

Quite apart from the stunningly consistent weather, the amazing open ( yet covered) provencal markets, the intricacies of the French themselves,the gorgeous historic buildings and architecture, incredible coastline, the tiny cobblestoned rues in villages surrounded in ramparts  with places you can spend hours wandering around aimlessly -there is of course,the food.

And first thing in the morning,it can start with something quite simple. Mini viennoiseries.

These little beauties are the PERFECT alternative to the standard sized  french croissant, pain au chocolat or other pastry. And, (mon dieu!) the NZ, Australian, British or American equivalent are HUMUNGOUSLY oversized,  also most French woman will only eat one corner or bite of each of their local sized option – generally speaking, ladies, you never FINISH a whole one!

So, those of us who have no issue with being so petit about such things can eat one of these baby versions no sweat! It is the perfect compromise, leaving one feeling rather guilt -free.

This is great in theory, as long as you don’t eat three of them. Or go ahead I say!


Then there are all the magical areas you can walk around. Terraced apartments hanging so heavy with flowers you hope they don’t pose a safety hazard (!) and creeping vines of every imaginable variety. Tiny neighbourhoods bulging with charm and character all of their own.

My favourite Rue de Castelet, La Commune de Libre Safranier

It’s said that Place du Safranier( just around the corner ) was once a tiny fishing port; these days it’s the hub of this wee village’s festivals and gatherings….


More to follow, but right now, i must be off to market!

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